Be proud of the work you do, and ​the company you’re part of​

We’re a team of industry’s best thinkers and creators at the forefront of change;​

  • giving people easier choices they haven’t had​
  • helping people to get places they want to go​
  • enabling smart businesses to succeed​

Join our team and change the way everyday people interact with mobility and finance providers.

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Our culture is who we are - we always ​act with integrity and do the right thing​

At our heart are our values.

Great Communication, a Can Do attitude, Ownership, being One Team and Passion & Pride is in everything we do.

That’s what’s important to us!

We believe great communication is key.​
We communicate openly, honestly and always with respect.

One Team​
We are one global team: Team members, Customers and Shareholders.​

Can Do​​
We get things done, and everything we do creates value.​

We take ownership. With this comes the responsibility and accountability for everything we do.

Passion & Pride
We are passionate and proud of what we do and how we do it.


We support our customers ​to be good and responsible​

We’re creating a future where doing great things goes hand-in-hand with doing the right thing.

  • Making use of assets more effective and efficient; enabling longer life cycles, sharing and reuse, digital onboarding and elimination of paper​.
  • Use of sophisticated pricing engines for new green technologies, encouraging efficient introduction of green assets to the market.​
  • Inclusion of people to get finance/mobility who would not get it via traditional, more static pricing engines​.
  • We only co-partner with socially responsible enterprises.

We want to make the most responsible use of our earth’s resources.


Diversity and flexibility are our strengths​

We’re a culturally diverse team of individuals from around the globe.​

We’re flexible, you can join our team in our offices in New Zealand, Germany or work remotely.​

Flexibility, work life balance & individuality is how we operate. We offer opportunities to travel and promote interchange between our locations.

​Come see the other side of the world with us.

10 countries, 15 Nationalities, 20 Languages.

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The future of asset finance and mobility is here, it’s digital, it’s exciting and you could be a part of it.

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