Our omni-channel Point of Sale system (POS) was developed by financial services specialists for automotive finance and built as a global platform right from the start. It provides one integrated platform that supports every product (Finance, Leasing, Insurance, Maintenance & Service, Bundled Products or new, innovative Utilisation or Subscription based Mobility Products),  all channels (direct customer engagement and via introducers) and all business segments (commercial/fleet & retail), as well as any asset categories (e.g. automotive, equipment or any other asset type).

POS can serve as a profitability booster for finance companies or mobility providers as new channels can be tapped into, new innovative products can be designed and significant cost reductions can be achieved by consolidating all POS activities into one platform alongside process optimisation.

POS combines the benefits as a highly customizable solution (via business rules, decision engine, plugin concept and configuration) while creating synergies and economies of scale driven by the standardised, flexible and scalable product platform.


  • Flexible calculation, fee and other value added products options
  • Proposals & branding
  • Commissions & campaings
  • Workflow & documentation
  • Business intelligence & support tools
  • Flexible configuration & external system integration
  • Business controls  & security

You can offer a wide variety of finance, leasing, value added products, e.g. insurances, as well as other innovative mobility offerings. You can also handle complex commercial applications with multiple assets across different asset categories plus you could also include non-financed collateral to strengthen the credit position for selected transactions.

Flexible calculation, fee and other value added products options

You can offer structured payments, variable interest rate and flexible payment options (e.g. weekly, fortnightly, etc.) as well as subscription or utilisation based pricing models. You can also offer your insurance and service and maintenance or other value added products in conjunction with the loan/leasing/subscription application or as stand-alone products.

Proposals & branding

You can prepare customer proposals comparing multiple quotes, giving your customers the ability to choose their preferred option. You also can set up your own branding appearance and set up label programs quickly allowing you to create the brand appearance your customers expect.

Commissions & campaings

You can set up flexible commission plans for finance (base rate, % net amount financed, nominal amounts) and value added products as well as fee sharing schemes (% share, upsell share, nominal amounts). You can create and manage campaigns to support retailers and distributors in their sales activities. Subsidised interest rate, payment holidays, residual value or value added product campaigns as well as stock clearance or special target customer campaigns can all be configured to support your strategic business objectives.

Workflow & documentation

POS offers you an easy-to-use navigation and an integrated workflow process for introducer based business as well as internally managed transactions. You can set up your own branded documentation templates allowing for an easy and smooth documentation process including digital signatures.

You can use our platform as a full omni-channel solution to engage directly with your customers online and allow your customer to move between channels seamlessly.

Business intelligence & support tools

You can easily access key information through our integrated reporting module in POS.

You can choose to use our additional calculators such as investment comparison, mortgage comparison, and affordability or quote scenario calculator in the finance conversion process. You can also opt to include our margin module which allows you to immediately see the profitability of each transaction quoted.

Flexible configuration & external system integration

POS caters for a high level of configuration across all system areas plus you can define your own business rules and data requirements.

We can integrate POS with any type of external systems based on our modular architecture and via our standard interfaces.

Our POS architecture would be particularly conducive for integrations, e.g. with your "Car Configurator" and customer online application process.

Business controls  & security

POS allows you to define different user permissions for user groups, thus only giving users the permissions they should have and enforcing a segregation of duties. Plus POS also provides for embedded audit controls allowing you to track any activities.

POS has been designed with state-of-the-art security in terms of user authentication and data encryption.