Our Credit Proposal Management System (CPMS) allows you to efficiently manage your credit workflow and decision process. Credit scorecards and policy rules can be set up via the integrated decision engine or be evaluated via your existing decision engine. You could choose to automatically approve or decline credit applications without the need for manual intervention within defined parameters.

CPMS can be deployed as a fully integrated front-end solution with our POS system as well as a solution in its own right, being integrated with your other already existing IT solutions.


  • Credit Workflow
  • Credit Decision Engine
  • Credit Analysis
  • Credit Bureaus & External Sources
Credit Workflow

You can flexibly define the credit workflow to meet your particular requirements, e.g. who is allowed to see and make a credit decision on what type of application or when and what external data should be collected. For example, you could define a workflow to only request a credit bureau report if a pre-score is above a certain threshold to reduce your cost or you could add a second separate credit bureau report to be triggered if a score is within a low range to get more comfort around the credit quality.

Credit Decision Engine

You can define different scorecards & ratings as well as credit policy rules that should be applied to different types of applications. You could also choose to retain and leverage your already existing credit decision engine. Depending on your configuration you could also allow for fully automated credit decisions to be made with flexible approval variation rules – even including dynamic sets of standard conditions.

Credit Analysis

Credit analysis can be based on flexible and configurable ratio configurations, collateral evaluation and any data obtained through the application process as well as internal or external sources like your contract management system, credit bureaus, asset valuation providers or also bank statements via OpenBanking/PSD2.

Credit Bureaus & External Sources

CPMS can connect with a wide variety of external data sources consuming data from e.g. credit bureaus, ID checks, Open Banking/PSD2 or AML data providers.